Fiamm 12FLB400

CSB HRL12390W Sealed Lead Acid Battery

CSB lead acid battery for a wide range of applications. Approved OEM supplier to APC UPS systems and many others.

The HRL range from CSB Battery benefits from the reduced internal resistance making them the first choice for high rate performance but also in an extended 10 Year life package.

Capacity:390W/cell (15 min)

High Rate Discharge

Long life design

Terminals are M6 internal thread type

Direct replacement for C&D UPS12-370

Direct replacement for Fiamm 12FLB400

Direct replacement for Fiamm 12FLB450

Direct replacement for Power Batteries PRCTC12120X

Direct replacement for Wing ESL100-12

Replacement for Hawker Powersafe Y-12-HR350 12 HR 350

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