FIAMM 12FGH23 12v 5ah VRLA Battery

Product Description

FIAMM 12FGH23 12v 5ah VRLA Battery

Fiamm 12FGH23 is a high rate battery specifically designed for UPS applications. Fiamm FGH range of batteries ensure the correct battery is supplied to the appropriate application. FIAMM is a Manufacturer of VRLA batteries and is supported by a dedicated sales network with market knowledge and experience of small sealed lead acid battery applications.

(formerly FGH20502)

  • Special design for UPS application
  • Suitable also for Security Systems, toys and light traction application
  • Top performance for High rate discharge
  • High consistency and reliability
  • Case Material: ABS UL-94 (V0 flame retardant on demand)
  • Life Expectancy: 5 years according to Eurobat standards

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