DENVER TAC-70072 is an android tabletrunning 4.1 OS (Jelly bean). It`s powered by 1.2ghz CPU and 1Gb DDR3 RAM. Hard resetting this tablet is a little bit tricky. Follow the guide carefully to get in to recovery mode in no time.

Let`s start:

1. Turn off your tablet.

2. Push and hold volume+ & power button for 15 seconds (count on your head).

3. Release power button, and after 5 seconds the release volume+.

4. An Android robot will be shown on screen.

5. Push power button and volume+ simultaneously then release

6. Push power for half-a-second then push volume+ (Don`t release power) and a recovery menu will appear.

7. Scroll using volume+ and volume- and choose wipe data/factory/reset, push power button to confirm.

8. Push (power) to confirm

9. Choose yes on "delete all user data?" and press power to confirm.

10. Choose reboot system now and push power to confirm The tablet will restart. Now it`s on its original state.

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